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Underwater Videographer 
Documentary Film & Television Editor

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The Cinematic Ocean: Indonesia

Explore the far-reaches of Indonesia with underwater videographer John Roney, as he shares the stories and challenges of filming the extraordinary marine life of the Indo-Pacific.

This immersive film submerges audiences into the heart of the world's largest archipelago, unveiling the stories behind extraordinary encounters with venomous sea snakes, cunning octopuses, egg-laying cuttlefish, and awe-inspiring undersea giants. A personal journey matched with stunning visuals, 'The Cinematic Ocean: Indonesia’ unveils the triumphs and trials of capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments, providing audiences with a front-row seat to the magic and mystery hidden beneath the waves.

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John Roney is an underwater videographer and film & television editor based on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Passionate about ocean conservation and science communication, John uses underwater film to educate audiences on the diversity of marine life found in the Salish Sea. When he’s not beneath the waves, John works works as a film & television editor. His recent editing work can be seen in Sony's SeaLegacy: The Voyage series and the APTN television series Ocean Warriors: Mission Ready.

John's work with SeaLegacy lead him to collaborate with some of the most renowned photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers working on behalf of our oceans.

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